🀝Data Lake Introduction

Basic information about Data Lake

Data Lake is a decentralized recruitment platform that helps researchers find the right patients

We are the leading Decentralized Science (DeSci) project that, through its Application, is using blockchain for consent and data access management. We are also using our native token $LAKE for incentivizing healthcare providers and patients as well as to enable access to our unique consent collection technology.

And yes, we have traction and are here to stay!

So far, we've worked with 2 out of 10 biggest pharmaceutical companies globally and delivered data for multiple AI development projects.

We are founded by two medical doctors and entrepreneurs, both Forbes 30 under 30. Our team members are top experts in cybersec, and data privacy laws. We know our business.


Token Panel dApp:

Data Lake Application:

Smart Contracts

LAKE Token Smart Contract: 0xf9ca9523e5b5a42c3018c62b084db8543478c400

Vesting Smart Contract: 0x078Ef23F8e56951AF537BE272484711Ab61e5632

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