Legal notice

Information on this website ( "Whitepaper", has been prepared by Data Lake and contains information regarding Data Lake and $LAKE tokens (“Tokens”).

Please note, that the entity issuing Tokens, and complying with the regulations retarding Token issue, including KYC regulations is Data River Sp. z o.o.

Data Lake does not issue Token nor encourages the purchase of Tokens. Data Lake is interested in using Token's utility for the benefit of science and DeSci.

Due to the speculative nature of Token, Data Lake strongly advises against the purchase of Tokens by "consumers" as defined in Polish legislation.

The purchase of Tokens involves a high degree of risk inherent in tokens generally and risks associated with the Data Lake's business and the environment in which the Data Lake operates. Before deciding to purchase Tokens regardless of the selling Party, high degree of caution is recommended due to the high-risk nature of Token.

The Whitepaper has not been reviewed or approved by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority or the Warsaw Stock Exchange, or by any other supervisory authority in any other country. The Whitepaper has been prepared with due care and attention to the quality of the information contained therein, however, there is a risk of inaccuracies as well as omission of certain information. Decisions, if any, regarding the Data Lake and Tokens should be based on independent analysis and research.

Data lake sp. z o.o. company do not accept responsibility for any errors, mistakes and incompleteness of the Whitepaper and for any damage suffered by the recipient as a result of errors, mistakes and incompleteness of the Whitepaper. The recipient should not rely on the assessments, plans, descriptions of intentions and projections presented without subjecting them to further independent analysis.

The Whitepaper may contain forward-looking content or statements, including analyses of the Data Lake's possible or anticipated future financial or business performance and development of its data donation ecosystem, assessments, plans, intentions, projections, each of which is subject to risks that are subject to factors both known and unknown to the Data Lake and could differ materially from actual results. Data Lake makes no representation that the content or statements made will actually be carried out or achieved. Nothing in the Whitepaper should be construed as a guarantee, assurance or undertaking that Data Lake or any of its group undertakings will achieve any particular financial or commercial result in the future.

Data Lake shall be entitled to supplement the Whitepaper in whole or in part at any time.

No express or implied representation, warranty or guarantee is made by Data Lake, its officers or directors, or its advisors, representatives of Data Lake or anyone acting on its behalf, as to the accuracy, completeness, correctness of the information and content contained in the Whitepaper or that any such content or information is in any way likely to mislead the recipient. The entities referred to in the preceding sentence shall not be responsible for the effects or consequences of decisions taken by the recipient on the basis of the Whitepaper or any information contained therein. Responsibility for decisions made on the basis of the Whitepaper rests solely with the person or entity using it. Persons or entities using the Whitepaper should not forego conducting an independent assessment, taking into account various risk factors and circumstances other than those indicated in the Whitepaper. Data Lake will not bear any costs that the recipient may incur in connection with the analysis or evaluation of the Whitepaper or the investment opportunity presented therein.

Data Lake points out that the reproduction, distribution, transmission or making available of the Whitepaper may be subject to legal restrictions (restrictions and their scope may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction), and any person to whom the Whitepaper is transmitted or otherwise made available should be aware of such restrictions and strictly adhere to them. Recipients also represent that they are not subject to the applicable laws of any jurisdiction in which the display, dissemination or publication of the materials contained in the Whitepaper would be prohibited or would require appropriate permission or consent.

Data Lake makes no representation as to the legality of any Token purchase made by a recipient.

The attention of potential recipients is drawn to the fact that the purchase of Token from Data Lake or third party entails financial risk and before making any decision regarding the purchase of Tokens, recipients should carefully read the Whitepaper. In deciding whether to participate in the purchase of Tokens, Recipients must rely solely on their own analysis of the Data Lake's activities based on their own and independently conducted analysis and research.

Potential recipients should rely solely on the information contained in the Whitepaper, together with any amendments to that document, which is the Data Lake's official source of information. Subject to applicable law, no person has been authorized to give information or make representations in connection with the sale of Tokens other than those contained in the Whitepaper and where such information or representations have been given or made, they should not be regarded as authorized by the Data Lake. Data Lake cautions that information posted on the Data Lake's website does not form part of the Whitepaper and has not been reviewed or approved by the relevant regulatory authority unless such information is incorporated by reference into the Whitepaper.

The information contained in the Whitepaper does not constitute legal, financial or tax advice or advice of any other kind. It is advisable for any potential recipient to obtain the advice of their investment, legal, financial or tax advisors on investment, legal, financial or tax matters before purchasing Tokens. In doing so, you should be aware that both the price of Tokens, which are traded on the public market, can fluctuate significantly.

Changes to the Whitepaper

One should be aware that, during the period since the Whitepaper’s publication, the Data Lake's situation may change or that the information contained in the Whitepaper is not current at any date subsequent to the Whitepaper’s publication or at any date other than the date specified in the Whitepaper as the date for which the information in question was prepared, whichever is the earlier. . In the Whitepaper, Data Lake presented selected economic and market sector data derived from publicly available information sources, including press releases, information published under applicable laws, official industry sources, as well as other external sources the Data Lake believes to be reliable. Such information, data, and statistics are selected and may be approximate, estimates, or round numbers. Industry data and statistics for the market in which the Data Lake operates have been derived primarily from industry reports and publicly available data provided by market research firms.

It must be stressed that in each case, the statistical data and the source data on which they are based may have been collected and compiled according to different methodologies and statistics, particularly in individual countries. One cannot be assured that institutions and firms using different methods of data collection, analysis and processing would have obtained the same results.

In compiling, researching and processing macroeconomic, market, industry or other data derived from external sources such as government publications, third party publications, trade or general industry data, Data Lake has not verified such data. As a general rule, industry publications make statements that the information contained therein has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but that there is no guarantee that such data is fully accurate or complete. In preparing the Whitepaper, Data Lake did not independently verify information from third parties nor did the Data Lake perform an examination of the adequacy of the methodology used by third parties to develop such data, estimates or projections. In the case of third-party information that appears in the Whitepaper, such information has been accurately cited, and to the extent the Data Lake is able to ascertain and determine from the third-party information, no facts have been omitted that, if omitted, could render the third-party information inaccurate or misleading.

Data Lake cannot assure the Recipient that market, industry or other data derived from external sources is accurate or, in the case of forecast data, that the data is based on correct data and assumptions or that the forecasts will prove to be accurate. Data Lake not intend, and does not undertake, to update industry or market data presented in the Whitepaper, subject to legal obligations.

Forward-looking statements

The Whitepaper contains forward-looking statements, which are defined as any statements, other than statements regarding past events, that include, precede, or are followed by words such as “anticipate,” “expect,” “plan,” “target,” “believe,” “predict,” “seek,” “intend,” “will,” “may,” “anticipate,” “would,” “could,” or other similar expressions regarding future events in the present or future tense or their negatives.

Forward-looking statements are based on a number of assumptions about future operations and strategy and involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties or other important factors beyond Data Lake's control, including the environment in which Data Lake operates. These factors could cause the Data Lake’s actual results, prospects and developments to differ materially from the results, achievements and developments anticipated or implied by the statements in the Whitepaper.

The forward-looking statements contained in the Whitepaper are based on the Data Lake's current views regarding future events and the performance of Data Lake. Data Lake believes that the assumptions included in the forward-looking statements are reasonable and rational. However, these forward-looking statements are based on future events that are unknown and beyond the Data Lake’s control, and therefore may prove to be incorrect. This means that as of the date of the Whitepaper, there are or may be important factors in the future that could cause the events to which the forward-looking statements relate to differ materially from the actual events that will occur, and therefore could cause the Data Lake's actual results, financial condition or prospects to differ materially from those contained in or derived from the forward-looking statements and from the Data Lake's past results, performance or achievements.

Forward-looking statements about the Data Lake's financial performance do not constitute a forecast of the Data Lake’s financial performance.

In addition to its obligations under law, Data Lake undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements in the Whitepaper as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. Recipients, in relying on forward-looking statements, should take due care to consider the factors identified above and other future and uncertain events, particularly in the context of the economic, social and regulatory environment in which Data Lake operates. Data Lake gives no warranty or assurance that the factors described in the forward-looking statements will actually occur, and each such statement represents only one possible option, which should not be considered the most likely or typical option.

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