How to use the Patient Portal

A patient portal is accessible to everyone, who has given a consent, was enrolled in a project or gave a response to a survey!


The Data Lake Application also consists of a Patient Portal.

Each Patient or research participant who provides their email address and telephone number will be able to log into the Application using the same link ( and track their Consents in real time!

My Data

For the comfort of our Users, we've developed a dedicated tab in the menu on the left. To check it out, go to the "My Data" tab in the menu. You will be able to view your Consents and Surveys in separate tabs.

When you open the Consent tab, you will see be able to view the status of your Consent, link to the operation on the blockchain and a "Print" button to generate a pdf file with all your data.

You can also click on the "Revoke Consent" button to revoke your consent. Be aware this will submit a transaction on the Blockchain, which takes about 30 seconds.

In the "Surveys" tab, you can view the answers to the Surveys that you gave.

You can also delete all the answers to the Surveys.

You can also revoke all by clicking the button "Revoke All" - this button will withdraw all Consents / Surveys in the relevant tab.

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