How to enroll Patients into a Project

Enroll Patients in a blink of an eye!

You can enroll patients or research participants into your Project in two ways:

  • during a physical interaction with a patient - by using a button "Recruit Patient"

  • remotely by sending an email invitation - by using a button "Invite Online"

Physical Invitation

Once you click on the "Recruit Patient" button, the Application will take you to a screen, where a Patient is able to fill in the survey connected with the Project.

This way, you can easily check the inclusion and exclusion criteria to the Project.

As the next step, the Application will display the project user data form and selected consents.

Once complete, the user will be added to the project. You can click on "More info" on the Project tab to check out all the Patients included in this particular project.

You can browse each Patient's personal data, track their responses to Survey questions and Consents they gave or revoked. To view the whole table, scroll it to the right!

You will also be able to locate a link to the related blockchain operation of patient's enrolment to the Project and their Consents. This link will lead you to Polygonscan.

Data Lake is not reponsible for information displayed on Polygonscan. Polygonscan is maintained by Team Etherscan and we cannot guarantee availability of this website. To up-to-date information, always refer to details displayed inside of Data Lake Application.

If you click on the print icon in the table, you will generate a document signed by the Patient with the Project enrolment form.

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