🛠️Token Utility and Demand

$LAKE may have three main utilities:

  1. Access Token Researchers who hold at least 10,000 LAKE tokens can create an admin account. Researchers may also be required to keep the balance of LAKE above a certain threshold to be able to use the platform and publish studies. Therefore, LAKE token will democratize access to data and patients as it may allow ANYONE to use the platform freely.

    With time, several access levels mediated through the LAKE token could also be used for unlocking additional functionalities of the platform such as analytics, BI or better visibility of research to healthcare providers and patients.

  2. Incentive Token Once onboarded into the platform, researchers can publish their trials with characteristics of the patient group they are looking for (so-called exclusion and inclusion criteria). Researchers may be able to set up token-based bounties and rewards for healthcare providers for including patients into the trials and for patients for joining the research. That way, researchers might be able in real time boost engagement and recruitment into their trials.

    The token may also be used in the Benefit Panel of the system. There, researchers can set up different benefits for providers (e.g. educational content) or patients (e.g. patient support programs), where they may be able to exchange their tokens for multiple different benefits and bounties.

    This way, thanks to the token incentive mechanisms, researchers could supercharge their recruitment strategies in the future and make their research attractive for providers to work with.

  3. Fuel of the Data Lake Chain

    As the lifeblood of the Data Lake Chain, the $LAKE token is designed to assume a central role in our upcoming Chain. $LAKE will be fueling the network by facilitating transactions and incentivizing network participation. As demand for scalable data solutions surges, $LAKE stands poised to emerge as a cornerstone of the healthcare blockchain ecosystem.

The demand for the token is expected to be driven by:

  • Researchers purchasing the token to access the platform

  • Researchers purchasing the token to incentivize providers and patients

  • Users purchasing the tokens to access rewards and benefits

  • Stakeholders using the Data Lake Chain

Data Lake may take a percentage of the rewards and bounties on the platform. Tokens may go towards Data Lake Treasury and the Liquidity Pool.

Deflationary mechanisms:

  • capped supply of 2.5B tokens

  • holding may be required for researchers to use the product

  • % of each transaction of the platform may go back to Data Lake and the liquidity pool

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