Staking LP Tokens

Once you have your liquidity tokens for $LAKE token in the ETH-LAKE pool, you can use the "PROVIDE LIQUIDITY" -> "STAKING" on our token application.

You can then simply stake your LP tokens by choosing the position you want to stake and confirming the transaction.

By providing liquidity, you acknowledge the risks connected with doing so. Providing liquidity is NOT for everybody, as it comes with risks such as impermanent loss — risks as well as eligibility criteria are detailed in T&C, that need to be approved before participating in our Program. In particular please note that this Program is not for consumers, but for professionals conducting business activities in crypto.

📥 Claiming Rewards:

In order to claim rewards, you need to firstly unstake your position and then click the "CLAIM REWARDS BUTTON". During the period of staking you can see the PENDING amount of your $LAKE tokens, which you will receive after unstaking. These rewards only become available after unstaking. You can always restake your tokens.

❌ Unstaking LP Tokens:

In order to unstake your LP token, you need to click the position you want to unstake and confirm a transaction afterwards.

Staking our LP tokens doesn't lock them for any period of time. You can withdraw your tokens at any moment. Remember, this can have an impact on your rewards from:LP Incentives Program

🧠Learn more about Uniswap V3 Staker Contract:

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