🏛️Providing Liquidity

If you wish to provide liquidity for $LAKE token in the ETH-LAKE pool, you can use the "PROVIDE LIQUIDITY" section and option on our token application.

By providing liquidity, you acknowledge the risks connected with doing so. Providing liquidity is NOT for everybody, as it comes with risks such as impermanent loss — risks as well as eligibility criteria are detailed in T&C, that need to be approved before participating in our Program. In particular please note that this Program is not for consumers, but for professionals conducting business activities in crypto.

Unless you opt for advanced settings, your liquidity will be set in a full range.

The process consists of:

  • Approving WETH / LAKE

  • Wrapping ETH into WETH

  • Providing LP

This process can take up to 4 wallet confirmations. In case you exit the process at any of the above-mentioned steps, you might have to repeat the process or complete it on Uniswap.

In case you exit the process on the Wrapping ETH step, you will need to finish the provision of LP on Uniswap, as Data Lake Token Application only sees your ETH tokens and when wrapping, directly requests the amount of wrapped tokens to be sent to the LP.

If this happens, visit Uniswap - Pools and finish providing liquidity in WETH-LAKE pool.

❌ Removing Liquidity:

If you wish to remove your liquidity, you can use the "REMOVE LIQUIDITY" option under "PROVIDE LIQUIDITY", where you have to click the position you want to remove. By doing this and confirming transaction your tokens will be returned to your wallet including rewards earn from LP provision.

🧠Learn more about concentrated liquidity:

🧠Learn about impermanent loss:

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