How to create a Survey

A survey is an optional element of your Project Form. You can use the survey to collect any kind of valuable data from your patients or research participants.

Creating a Survey

To create a Survey, go to the "Surveys" tab in the menu to the left. Then click the "+ Add" button to open a Survey creation form.

First, choose your Enterprise for which you'd like to create the Survey. In case you are an admin of only one Enterprise - this Enterprise will be selected automatically.

Then, name your survey and add a survey description. Both name and the description will be publicly visible to all the users in your Enterprise. You can also add tags to sort and manage your Surveys. These tags are visible only inside of your Enterprise.

Adding Questions

In Surveys, you can add 3 different types of questions:

  • Yes / No questions

  • Single Choice questions

  • Open Answer questions

You can create a survey with multiple question types.

Once your Survey has been created you can find it in the "Drafts" tab. In order to use it in your Projects, you need to click the button "Activate". Inactive surveys are not visible to anyone.

Upon collection of your first responses, you will be able to track the answers of your project participants in a table below each survey, if you click on the arrow on the left side of the tab.

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