How to create a Project Form

A Project Form comprises of a Survey and Consents. It can be used to collect Patient's data for a research, marketing or a medical project.

Creating Project

Go to the "Projects" tab in the menu on the left. Then, click the button "+ Add". You will see a Project creation form.

Follow these instructions to create your first Project.

  1. Choose an Enterprise You need to have the admin rights to the Enterprise to create a Project

  2. Name of the Project Choose a name for your Project. This name is public in your Enterprise, including patients or research subjectts.

  3. Description of the Project Choose a description for your Project. The description will be visible to all of the users in your Enterprise, including patient or research subjects.

  4. Note You may choose to add a note, that will not be visible to users (patients or research subjects), but will be visible to other accounts in your Enterprise.

  5. Tags Add your predefined tags to sort and browse your Projects.

  6. Consents You can choose multiple Consent to add to this project form. Choosing at least one Consent is mandatory to create a Project.

  7. Surveys Choose a Survey you'd like to add to this Project. Adding a Survey is optional.

  8. Contact Person You can indicate a contact person connected with this Project. This information will be visible to all users under your Enterprise, including Patients / research subjects.

  9. Project End Date After this date the Project will be automatically deactivated.

  10. Required Fields Choose information about the patient or research participant that will be collected in the Project form. You can choose to collect: - Name - Surname - Email - Phone - Personal ID: This an unique government identifier for the patient such as PESEL (PL), SSN (US), etc. - Identify verification statement: Checkbox will appear in the project for patients enrolling offline

  11. Recruitment target (Maximum Users) You can set up a recruitment target for a Project. After reaching the recruitment target amount of subjects, your Project will automatically be deactivated.

Once you fill in all required fields, hit a button "Save". Your Project will be saved and automatically activated in the Projects tab.

You can click a ❤️ heart icon on the upper right corner of the project tab to pin it on top of your other projects.

If you open an existing Project by clicking "More Info", you can:

  • print an empty Project form by clicking a button "Print"

  • export data of Project participants by clicking a button "Export CSV"

  • deactivate the Project manually by clicking a button "Deactivate". You can re-activate it any time later!

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