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Our decentralized recruitment solution can be used for multiple use cases with one theme in common - in all of them patients need to be recruited and asked for consent and additional information.

In most privacy-protecting jurisdictions, patient consent is needed for using their data for research and AI development.

Our system can be used to collect consents from patients on premise in a healthcare setup or remotely to ask for their permission to include their data (for example their diagnostic images) in research studies validating and training AI algorithms.

Knowing how patients are treated in real time and being able to track the effects of the treatment over time is critical information for many healthcare stakeholders, such as pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers or government authorities.

Collecting patient's data from multiple sources into a complete, longitudinal patient records is however challenging.

Our systems allows to collect consents AND power of attorney from patients to authorize a trusted third party to access their data from different healthcare providers, merge it into one record and analyze it.

It can also be used as a system serving the new data economy under the European Data Governance Act, which came into force in 2023.

Patient registries are periodically updated datasets of a selected patient population, for example with a rare disease.

Registries allow for a deep look into a specific disease powering statistical and epidemiological studies.

Clinical trial is a structured process in which new drugs and medical devices are validated before they are authorized for clinical use.

Usually clinical trials require recruiting a carefully chosen patient cohort with so-called inclusion and exclusion criteria, for example health conditions that make patients eligible or disqualify them from participating in the study.

Our system allows clinical trials organizations (CROs and SMOs) to publish their trials with inclusion and exclusion criteria and set up bounties for healthcare professionals and patients for joining the trial.

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