How to add Users to your Enterprise

Add Users, manage their permissions and have a complex overview of your Enterprise.

Adding Users

To add Users to your Enterprise, go to the "Enterprise" tab in the menu on the left side. Then, click on the button "Users" under your Enterprise's tab.

By default, the Super Admin will be a member of your Enterprise. Remember, you won't be able to delete this account from your Enterprise or change its permissions.

To add a new User, click on the "+ Add" button, afterwards, the add user dialogue will display.

Inside, you need to enter the user's email, name, surname and the telephone number. Both email and the telephone number are required to log into the app. Please make sure to enter valid details for the user you are inviting him, as you won't be able to change them later.

The users you invite will be able to modify their detail on their account.

In order to add an user, you need to set the group of permissions, which you can modify later.

There are 3 default permission levels:

  • user - for research and project participants. Users can track operations on their own consents and give/revoke consent and survey.

  • sub account - for healthcare professionals and individuals. Sub accounts can collect consents from patients through projects. Sub accounts cannot see personal data collected in the past from patients that gave their consent.

  • admin - for system administrators. Admins can create Survays, Consents, Projects and modify the Enterprise. Admins can see all the personal data.

Choose an adequate permission level that suits best the description of the account you'd like to create. You can later modify permissions granularly for every user separately.

If the default permissions don't match your needs, contact support to get help!

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