How to create a Consent

Consent are the central piece of the Data Lake Application. All the operations on an activated Consent are stored on the blockchain, giving users full transparency and auditability.

To create your first Consent, go to the "Consents" tab in the menu on the left and click on the button "+ Add". You will see a consent creation dialogue.

To successfully create a Consent, you need to go through the following steps

  1. Choose an Enterprise You need to be an admin to create a Consent under an Enterprise

  2. Choose an Language You can choose a language of your consent - default options are English and Polish.

  3. Consent Name Choose a name for your Consent. This name will be public and visible to everyone being enrolled in a project or the ones already in your Enterprise.

  4. Consent Description Choose a description for your Consent. This description will be public and visible to everyone being enrolled in a project or the ones already in your Enterprise.

  5. Content of the Consent Insert here the whole content body of your Consent - this is the main part of the Consent form!

  6. Information Clause You may add an information clause (as a link or as a text) to accompany your consent form. This field is optional.

  7. Signature type Mobile Device Signature - Handwritten signature of a patient or research subject will be required on the screen of a mobile device (e.g. smartphone or a tablet). Patient Declaration - No handwritten signature will be required to collect this consent.

  8. Choose tags Add your predefined tags to sort and browse your consents.

REMEMBER: When creating a Consent, adhere to the Terms & Conditions and good practices of communication. Consents containing inappropriate language will be removed.

Managing Consents

Once you created a Consent it will appear in the "DRAFTS" tab.

Consent that is a draft is still not public. You can modify it without any limits and without interacting with the blockchain yet.

Once you are done with your modifications, you can activate your Consent. Open the Consent form and click a button "Activate". The transaction will take about 30 seconds and the consent will be activated on-chain.

Congratulations! Your Consent has been activated! From now on, all the modifications to any of the Consent parameters will result in:

  • changing the version of the Consent (e.g. from v.1 to v.2)

  • saving this operation on the blockchain

  • automatically deactivating the old version of the Consent

  • changing the consent version to the newest one across all Projects

Once you collect the first Consent from your Patients or research subjects, you will see their data in a table under each consent. You can open the table by selecting a dropdown on the left side of the Consent.

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