How to register and log in

Welcome to the Data Lake Application! This article will guide you on how you can register and log in through an access link sent to your email.


To use Data Lake Application, you will need to enter your email or click Login with Google button. If you are using email, you will need to confirm the link sent to your email.

If you have opted for the magic link option, please remember, link will be valid for 3 minutes. After this time expires, you will need to request a new login link.


If are logging in for the first time, you will be required to provide your telephone number, which will be used later for 2 Factor Authentication. You will be able to change your telephone number later in your account settings.

If this isn't your first time logging in, you won't be asked to enter your telephone number - the one you have set before will be displayed for confirmation.

If you do not recognize the number or you are informed about unability to login, please contact the support using the link "CONTACT SUPPORT" or the "LIVE CHAT"

Once entering or confirming your number, code will be sent to your number. Check out your telephone for an SMS message from "Data Lake" and enter the code.

For security purposes, the SMS code and email is valid only for 3 minutes since the moment you have requested to login. Your security is our priority.

If you have provided a correct SMS code, you will be able to access the system.

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